Weight Loss: Some Mistakes People Make And The Cures

Everyone starts a diet with the best intentions of keeping focused and staying on track, and you do great for a week, a month, maybe even six weeks and you lose a few pounds. Then something happens and your schedules get complicated and you eat something you shouldn’t or you forget a meal and grab some fast food. At this point, your brain focuses on the mistakes and not the progress and you just keep blowing your diet until you have completely undone the weight loss you accomplished. It’s called yo-yo dieting. You diet and lose weight; you mess up, gain it back and start all over again with the cycle. Here are some common mistakes and the cures. Remember, one mistake is not going to kill you, it is only a setback. Learn how to deal with them here and you can become successful at your weight loss and break the yo-yo cycle.

Mistake number 1: No time for breakfast. Whether you skipped the meal on purpose or just didn’t have time, this is a no no. Research has shown that people who have kept off at least 30 pounds for a year or longer, eat breakfast every single morning. So the logical step is to eat something, but stay away from the vending machines, and the donut shops, no junk food. Find an energy bar, a piece of fruit or low fat yogurt or even string cheese. You need something that is going to stay with you and keep you full longer. To avoid this in the future, keep a supply of easy items in the house or desk like instant oatmeal, sugar free kind or low-fat granola that you can mix with yogurt or canned fruit in single servings. An additional note, eating every 4 hours during the day will help keep hunger away. It takes about that much time for the feelings to return after you eat a meal. Keep it at bay and you are on your way.

Mistake number 2: Drinking too much alcohol. Okay so you had three or four or more glasses of your favorite alcoholic beverage along with your dinner. Your body doesn’t recognized calories in liquid form; you will still crave sustenance in the form of food. So on top of all the calories from the alcohol, you have all the calories from the dinner you ate to get rid of. So get up and take a walk, go ride your bike and you will find it will take your mind off of the calories you drank. So you messed up, get back on track and keep going. Don’t give up. Remember that drinking on an empty stomach is never good. At parties, grab nuts before doing the bottoms up number with the wine glass. If you are dinner, sip the wine and wait for the salad, don’t go straight for the bread and pace yourself with water in between your wine.

Mistake number 3: You went by the window at the drive through of your favorite fast food establishment. If you only do this once, its not a big deal, but usually if you do it once, and a time crunch happens or your schedule gets messed up, you think it is okay to do it a second time. A study has shown that people who frequent fast food places twice a week gain 10 pounds more than people who only visit it once a week. You also have higher health risks. So enjoy your splurge, savor the treat and make up your mind not to order it again. The cure of course if you do find yourself back at the drive through, order low cal stuff off the menu, skip the fries, get a side salad with low cal dressing. There are website that offers info on fast food places and their caloric value of their food. Use it, learn it, and then if you find yourself there, you are prepared. One of advice, don’t skip a meal to make up for the drive through, your body will think it is starving and try to make up for it by eating everything insight at the next meal.

Mistake number 4: You stopped exercising. That’s okay, everyone experiences this. It starts when you are just too tired one night or day and skip the routine. The problem lies when you don’t start back. It’s hard to get motivated once you stopped. Get a buddy, a friend or a relative and start back with a 10 minute walk. The good thing is that suspension exercises routines return pretty quickly. You can be back to where you were in a relatively short time.

Just remember that everyone experiences set backs. The important this is not to take the mindset that you have blown your whole accomplishment and continue with the mistakes. Jump right back in and continue like nothing has gone wrong and you will be well on your way to achieving your weight loss goals.

Natalia Monastyrska is a health blogger who for a long time has contributed to Quick Trim Body, a web site that contains valuable information about health and fitness, beauty, weight loss, dieting and more.

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