Weight Loss Motivation

We live in a society where we eat too many things that aren’t healthy for us.  Our diets contain too much fat and sugar.  We eat too many foods that are over processed.  All of these factors have led to a society that is losing the weight loss battle.  We are losing because we are not eating the right foods.  We are also losing because we are not as motivated about weight loss as we could be.   If we don’t lose weigh fast enough, we stop trying.

Staying motivated is tough.  Without a support system and positive feedback, success is difficult to obtain.  At the beginning of a weight loss program, there is usually enough success to keep us moving forward.  But when we reach a plateau and the weight is not coming off as quickly, we become less motivated.

Losing weight becomes easier when we are motivated.  Moving toward our goals in a consistent way is the easiest way to stay positive.  It helps to have someone providing positive feedback and reinforcement.  Just one person that is on your side and that believes in you is all that is needed.

One way that we fail in weight loss is trying to diet.  The very nature of a diet is counterproductive.  A diet is meant to restrict what we eat and when we eat.  Any time that you deprive yourself of something, it actually works against you.  At some point, you get tired of depriving yourself and just give in to your cravings.   You will never lose weight if you are constantly depriving yourself.  Your self-deprivation will only lead to excessive eating and eventual weight gain.

The smart thing is to not diet at all.  That’s right.  Stop dieting.  Traditional diets don’t work.  What you want to do is change your eating habits completely.   This change will be for the rest of your life and not just for a few weeks.  When you do this, you are programming your body to handle calories and fat in a more efficient way.

Learning to eat right is simple.  Your first objective is to commit to portion control. Weight gain comes from eating large portions of food.   Unfortunately, restaurants have conditioned us to eat large portions when we really don’t have to.  We see a large portion and think that we have to eat it in one sitting.  If you commit to portion control, you will start to lose weight simply because you aren’t eating as much as you once did.

You will be more motivated than ever because you are seeing results without starving yourself.   With proper motivation, support and god eating habits, you will be surprised at how quickly you will reach your weight loss goals.

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