How To Cut Down Belly Fat With Food

Today we will elaborate more on how to cut down belly fat and having discussed 3 vegetables that burn belly fat previously, we will focus on other foods that help to burn ab fat.

How To Cut Down Belly FatHow To Cut Down Belly Fat With Food?

Even though this might sound strange to some, eating the correct foods will help burn ab fat off without decreasing your food intake. Without dieting in the sense of hardly eating anything, you will be able to lose your stubborn abdominal fat and shed the pounds off naturally by kick starting your body’s metabolism.

Today, society is so obsessed with eating on the go and eating so much processed foods that we are consuming way too much sugar. We are consuming a lot of carbohydrates today that our body has become insulin resistant and thus storing all sugars from food as fat.

We have forgotten our natural eating habits from our ancestors and what I mean ancestors I mean from more than 10,000 years ago. Back then man consume more protein foods in the form of meat and fish and hardly any carbohydrates. Sugars was consumed through berries or any natural vegetation that was around when animal food was scarce. Man hunted for food and the biggest source of food were animals, yes wild animals. Our ancestors from those times were not obese.

What are the foods that increase metabolism?

All protein foods and some vegetables help in the process of increasing your metabolism. In order to kick start your natural metabolism, you need to increase your protein intake and decrease your carb intake. Protein produces a hormone called Glucagon, which is responsible for your body’s metabolism. The more Glucagon your body produces the more fat it will burn off and this is all a natural process. If you want to learn more about how increasing your Protein and lowering your Carbs, I suggest you visit Derek Gatehouse’s The Primal You. He has managed to lower his blood pressure and maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating the Primal Way

Which Foods Help To Cut Down Belly Fat?

There are many misconceptions about fat loss and especially that you need to lower your food intake significantly to the point of starvation to get the desired results. Although we should eat smaller portions it does not mean we have to go hungry. Welcome to the world of natural foods that burn belly fat!

1. Plain Oatmeal. This fiber-rich food helps maintain your blood sugar levels because it stays in your stomach longer, getting rid of the need for something sugary.

2. Eggs. The Vitamin B12 content in egg helps metabolize fat.

3. Black Beans. High in fiber, low in calories and are a good detoxifying and weight loss agent.

4. Lean meats. Skinless chicken or turkey, lean pork or beef have protein which requires more calories to digest. The more calories you burn, the more ab fat you lose.

5. Fish. Salmon or tuna are even better than lean meats because they have less saturated fat. Full of omega-3 which decreases leptin levels in the body to facilitate caloric burn.

6. Whole Grains. They are high in fiber and are better than refined grains in burning fat because they keep insulin levels low after a meal

7. Sugar-Free Peanut Butter. No kidding. PB is rich in niacin which prevents the belly from bloating. Don’t take more than two tablespoons a day, however, because PB is also chockfull of fat.

8. Green Vegetables. Spinach is not only full of vitamins and minerals, it is also high in fiber and low in calories that keeps you full for longer and helps with detoxification. Broccoli, romaine lettuce and arugula as well as other green leafies are great fat-burning foods.

9. Vitamin C rich fruits. Lemons, oranges, grapefruit are awesome fruits for weight loss.

10. Berries. Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries are rich in fiber that help in weight loss.

11. Avocados. Where fat-burning fruits are concerned, avocado tops the list. It contains MUFA or mono-unsaturated fatty acids that target the fats found in the belly.

12. Olive oil. Again, this is high in MUFAs that also control hunger. Canola oil is also another fat-burning, well, fat.

13. Almonds and nuts. Low in calories, high in protein, these nuts are natural fat burners. Snack on them but have no more than 24 almonds a day. Go for natural, salt-free nuts. Too much sodium causes hypertension.

14. Chili Peppers. Jalapeno, cayenne and other chili peppers are natural fat burning belly foods because they contain capsaicin that boosts metabolism by speeding up your heart rate.

15. Water. Always keep hydrated by drinking lots of water. This is the most fat-burning drink you can ever consume. It boosts your metabolism for that continued caloric-burn.

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