Final Thoughts On 3 Day Diet Heart Plan

An Overview Of A 3 Day Diet Heart Plan

In today’s times, one often tends to forget one’s concern for fitness and health. This is because the busy routine of work and other obligations. A diet plan is something that does not work in today’s busy times. Many people may think seriously about their personal health and fitness. Thus, they may plan to take up a diet regime for months or even years. This is something that is not practical at all. Thus, it would make more sense to prepare a diet plan for a small period of time. This could be like a 3 day diet heart plan which will be strictly followed for 3 days and no more. Thus, here is a look at how to plan a 3 day diet and also look at more ways to trigger the fat burning hormone.

The First Day

This is the day when you will be starting on your brief but everlasting diet regime. On the morning of the first day, you should be ready to drink a cup of sugarless coffee. You can add some sweeteners like Equal and Sweet. But do not care about adding any milk. Then, for breakfast, you can have a slice of whole-wheat toast. You can add some peanut or cashew butter. Then for lunch, you can have some lean meat of boiled canned tuna with toast. You can also grill or boil some meat with veggies for dinner. After that, you can also have some dessert for sugar-free vanilla ice-cream. This would make for a healthy day.

The Second Day

The next day in the 3 day diet heart plan is one where you should continue your diet thoroughly enough with a lot of discipline. The second day is when you should have a breakfast of whole wheat toast with the same milk-less and sugarless coffee. You can also have boiled eggs for breakfast as well with the same toast. For lunch, you can try adding some low-fat cottage cheese to whole-wheat toast or crackers. You can top it up with diced tomatoes and olives to taste good. For dinner, you can have a sandwich or hot dog with lean meat and veggies. For something to sate the sweet tooth, you can have ice-cream with bananas and fruits.

The Third Day

The last day of the 3 day diet heart plan is when you should eat some of the suggested foods for the last time. On this day, the breakfast would be whole-wheat crackers with a slice of low-fat cheese. If possible, choose cottage cheese and veggies like tomatoes. You can also have an apple for more fiber in the diet. For lunch, you can have a slice of whole-wheat bread with tuna or cottage cheese. Finally, for dinner, you can have vegetable salad which has veggies like boiled carrots, broccoli, cauliflowers and cabbage. Thus, if you mix them with sauce like mayo or Thousand Island dressing, you can enjoy a nice dinner.

Some Tips

It is quite easy enough to follow the 3 day diet heart plan. This is because the items mentioned for eating in the plan are quite tasty and easily available. Eventually, making a 3 day diet heart plan depends on your own willingness. Also, you need to be creative enough to make the dishes tasty and delicious. On the other hand, some things like whole-wheat bread and biscuits have some problems on the people. So, if people are suffering from some food allergies and problems, they need to consult the doctors or physicians to know if the suggested diet for food is good for you or not. Go to 3 day diet heart plan

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