Do Hair Oils Work For Thinning Hair?

Do Hair Oils Work For Thinning Hair?

do-oils-work-on-thinning-hairThere are several commercial products that purport to help with thinning hair. Some persons prefer natural remedies which do not cause negative side effects. One can purchase hair oil, which comes in several different types, for thinning hair from a health store in the area or on the internet.

Hair Oil Options
There are several oils that can thicken hair including mineral oil, lavender oil, olive oil and jojoba oil. Olive oil, among some of the other oils, is edible and has the essential vitamins and antioxidants which beautify one’s body as well as hair. One should massage the oil onto the scalp to treat thinning hair effectively and leave it on for a while. Please note that the oil should not be heated because warm oil can damage the hair follicles.

Hair Oil for Baldness
No particular hair oil for thinning hair has been identified that can cure baldness. However, several homeopathic hair oils to treat baldness are available on the market. With a combination of several herbal oils, these oils, which include the Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil for Hair Growth and the Sanjivani Forte Herbal Hair Oil, are used to treat the scalp and encourage hair growth.

A homemade hair oil for baldness can be made by combining one drop of frankincense oil, two drops each of juniper oil and cinnamon oil, four drops each of lavender oil, geranium oil, rosemary oil, and cypress oil and 3 drops of rosemary oil. There are also herbs that increase blood circulation which can help with baldness. These include Rosmarinus Officinale and Ginkgo Biloba. Echinacea can also be an effective option because it can reduce hair loss and restore hair growth.

Choosing a Herbal Cure for Baldness
Since there are several herbal oils and cures that are advertised, it is difficult for many people to choose a product to work with. These products are typically expensive so people need to peruse customer reviews from an unbiased review site before purchasing a product. When it comes to homemade herbal oils or remedies, one has to experiment with several oils to determine the treatment that works best for him or her.

It is pertinent that one searches for the specific reason why the hair is thinning or why baldness is occurring. There are several factors that can induce hair loss and these include genetic factors, a particular medication, hair treatments or stress. When the core problem is found, then the most appropriate herbal cure can be chosen for effective management of the hair loss.

Anyone who is trying to locate natural remedies for thinning hair and baldness will find a lot of cures out there. Firstly, it is important to find the cause of the baldness or hair thinning. Then, one should look at the treatment options that are listed above to determine the one that can work best to effectively treat his or her hair thinning or baldness. While herbal remedies are not quick fixes, these remedies stimulate the hair follicles to produce hair that is healthy and thick.

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