Could Stress Be One of The Main Causes of Grey Hair?

What causes Grey hairs and How to Stop them

Most want to know what are the causes of grey hair…

Most people get stressed or embarrassed at the sight of grey hair. Some wonder why does it happen to them and if there is something that you could have done to avoid it. Unfortunately there was little to nothing you could have done to avoid going grey. This question arises too often. What are the causes of grey hair and does stress cause grey hair?

Your hair and skin share the same color pigment. Melanin, which is created by pigment cells in your skin also is responsible for adding pigmentation to your hair follicles. The amount of melanin your body has available, influences the color and darkness of your hair and skin. When you have little melanin, your hair turns grey or white. There are many different grey hair causes, but ultimately they all depend on the pigment levels that makes it to your hair follicles.

The Science of Grey Hair
Some factors responsible for causing grey hair include abnormalities, like thyroid deficiencies or a deficiency of vitamin B12. Genetics seems to be the main cause of greying hair. Though most of us have heard that stress can be the most influential factor for causing gray hair but its unlikely to dramatically grey your hair. We all go through a greying process which is natural that often starts in our thirties, but could start earlier. We then ask how come we are not getting more pigment to our hair?

Scientist in Britain have uncovered the reasons a few years back. Your hair cells produce small amounts of hydrogen peroxide, and over time this hydrogen peroxide builds up which in turn hampers melanin production. The levels of melanin production becomes more blocked by the hydrogen peroxide build up over time, your hair begins to lose its natural color. This then leads to having a gray or white hair.

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