Are Shampoos Effective Treatments For Hair Loss?

Losing one’s hair is one of the most disturbing signs of increasing age. For a large number of individuals, the loss of hair is something that can put an end to the dreams and desires of youth. The early signs of hair loss can be quite alarming. Excess hair on a pillow is something that no one wants to see, and finding large clumps of hair in a comb or brush can be devastating. While many individuals choose to cope by wearing hats or simply living with increasing baldness, others are not ready to give up on having full heads of hair. While people can certainly obtain expensive treatments and use experimental products that may or may not work, regaining a full head of hair can be as simple as using a hair loss shampoo. Some shampoos are even able to help people grow back hair where it has disappeared. However, it is important for consumers to read a number of hair loss shampoo review articles and do some research before settling on the ideal product.

There are many causes for the loss or thinning of hair. In addition to aging and genetics, factors such as stress, illnesses, surgeries and medication use can contribute to the loss of a healthy head of hair. For men, the loss of hair can occur on the crown of the head and near the temples, thus creating a receding hairline. When women lose hair, it tends to get progressively thinner throughout the scalp. For many individuals, the loss of hair is brought on by the presence of a male hormone known as dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. When this hormone is present in amounts greater than what the body requires, it can cause hair follicles to shrink which, in turn, causes hair to fall out. Additionally, DHT weakens the shafts of each hair, causing it to become thinner and less visible.

Since the presence of DHT is largely responsible for hair loss, most hair loss treatment products, including shampoos, contain ingredients designed to reduce the effects of the hormone on a person’s hair. These treatments work by breaking down the structure of DHT in the body. This allows the hair follicles to grow back to a normal size, allowing for thicker hair growth. Most of these shampoos also contain ingredients that are intended to clean out the pores on the scalp. This helps hair grow because it allows vital nutrients to reach the scalp and follicles more easily.

When searching for a hair loss treatment, any individual should be careful when investigating different products and reading various hair loss shampoo review articles. Many products claim to benefit those who have suffered the loss of hair, but they actually contain no ingredients that have been shown to help with the condition. While there are numerous herbal hair loss shampoo products that work well, buyers should read the ingredients listing carefully. If the ingredients do not consist of at least one or two components designed to break down DHT, it is unlikely that the product will work.

Thankfully, most of the popular hair loss shampoos on the market, herbal or otherwise, have been tested and verified by scientists and hair-loss experts. This does not make it any easier for consumers to find the best product, though. When searching for the ideal shampoo, consumers should try to find products that contain caffeine. It has been shown to break down DHT effectively and encourage new hair growth. Those who would prefer to use an herbal hair loss shampoo should try to locate products that contain garlic. Regardless of the type of hair loss treatment that is used, consumers may need to try several different products in order to find the one that works best with their individual physiologies. Although reading a hair loss shampoo review can be helpful, personal experience is crucial when choosing a product that will actually work.

There are hair loss and herbal hair growth shampoo review sites that delve into many herbal cleansing alternatives both to control hair loss and grow hair faster. These sites showcase the experience of others which is a good starting point however personal experience is still the best option.

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