6 Simple Exercises To Reduce Your Weight

how to cut belly fat fastThere are many amongst us who want to incorporate healthy diet and exercise in our lifestyle. We are also determined at following that regime. But it is still not possible for obese and overweight people to follow the exercise regime. Some exercises like push-ups and sit ups are absolutely not possible for obese and overweight people. They may sprain themselves.

Simple exercises like walking can be done without much difficulty. Walking is a complete exercise in itself. Walking for about 30 minutes a day helps in cutting down on the fats in the body. Brisk walking is very helpful for the heart and heart pumps well. Walking tones down the body and the entire body is loosened. Once the body becomes flexible, you can incorporate more rigorous suspension exercises in your routine. You can walk on either sand, or grass and even on a soft track. You could avoid walking on concrete or asphalt, depending on your choice.

These exercises can be incorporated at least six days in a week.

Stand with your feet till your shoulders. Swing in the arms in a circular motion and repeat it both clockwise and anticlockwise. Complete one swing in half a second.

This exercise is very effective in controlling weight. Lie down on the floor, preferably a firm floor. Bend your knees till the chest; place the arms on the side of the body. Raise your buttocks above the floor. Hold it for some time. Repeat this exercise.

Stand in a y position. Keep your feet a foot apart. Squat a bit and throw your punch forward as if aiming to hit someone. Repeat with the other hand as well.

Hold to a strong object. Raise your knee till your chest. Repeat with the other leg as well and do not rush into doing this exercise. Breathe very naturally. Complete this exercise till you are totally tired. These exercises are very effective in keeping your body healthy and fit.

This is a very good exercise if you want to lose a lot of weight. Face a wall and place both your palms on the wall. With elbows bent lean on the wall. Straighten your arms. Do not loosen your body. Repeat this exercise till you are tired. While moving towards the wall, inhale. While moving away from the wall, exhale. This is very much like the push-up exercise which you can read a review of visual impact that will show you the best way to do a pushup.

This has to be done taking the support of a sturdy chair or a couch. You have to stand up without using the support of the chair. Repeat it for a long period of time till you are totally tired. Breathe normally while doing this exercise. Leg muscles can also be exercised in the similar way.

When you are through, walk around for some time.

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